HAPPY 2017

I think for the most part everyone may say 2016 was a trying and strange year. With so many deaths and crazy things going on in the world including Donald Trump winning the election, 2016 may go down in history as the worst year of this generation. As for what 2016 meant to me, I … Continue reading HAPPY 2017


Over the last couple of months I've been into home improvement, home decor and D.I.Y projects. I have always had some interest and love for these things and I'm known for always rearranging things in my apartment or revamping something, but lately it feels like more of a hidden passion coming out to the point … Continue reading HOME IMPROVEMENT: CREATING A SMALL HOME OFFICE


The easy part about starting a blog is writing about and sharing information on things you already have some knowledge on or just voicing (in written form) your opinions about anything that you find interesting. If you have a passion like I do to write and create different content then blogging maybe your niche. There … Continue reading HOW TO: BLOGGING 101