Iyanla Vanzant Spiritual Spa: Relationship With Self

I really enjoyed Iyanla Vanzant discussion on relationship with self and how you can break negative cycles and ways to building your self up. I'm passing on this video for those that may need to hear it  "At the Acts of Faith Spiritual Spa, we will explore wisdom from the 25th-anniversary edition of this classic work, … Continue reading Iyanla Vanzant Spiritual Spa: Relationship With Self

Forgive Yourself & Let It Go

Your purpose for letting go of all that is out of your control and of the things that's been hindering you is so that you can take your life back to become the person you deserve to be. But do you realize one of the things that can also be hindering you is YOU, yes … Continue reading Forgive Yourself & Let It Go

Andrea Motivates Book Of The Month

  I can't believe that it is already September of 2018, it seem like yesterday we were celebrating the new year and then just like that we are coming to the end of summer and approaching Fall/Winter, wow. With that being said I really want to start sharing some of the books I've read that … Continue reading Andrea Motivates Book Of The Month

Finding Healing In Our Country, Pastor John Gray Talks About The Bridge (Video)

Pastor John Gray gives an inspirational and very funny take on how we as a human race can start to bridge the gap and begin to help, love and show solidarity towards each other, even within our differences.  https://youtu.be/7Rk5WFj5rEQ


WHAT DO YOU VALUE? Most people would say their family, their children, their jobs, their friendships, all of the obvious answers. I also noticed when asked that question most people fail to include themselves or their lives, until asked "do you value yourself, do you value your life" then there's an answer of "oh yea of … Continue reading SELF LOVE SATURDAY: WHAT DO YOU VALUE?