Why are you always playing it safe? What are you afraid of?... Failure, the unknown, other people's opinions, doubt? WHAT IS IT?     Whether you're trying to start a new job/career, go back to school, start a business, move somewhere new, socialize more or whatever it is that maybe a new experience … Continue reading MOTIVATION: TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH


The Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Aloe is a great plant with many benefits inside. It's uses for skin, hair and nails are amazing, in fact I use it for all of the above and it works wonders for me, it's very effective in my skin care routine. Here is some information on other ways ALOE VERA is beneficial to us.  Source of … Continue reading The Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Clean Slate For 2019

Start New Beautiful People  It's that time again, When everyone is changing their old habits and creating new ones to make the attempt to make their life better in some form or in some kind of way and while that is a great and positive thing, please remember to not put too much pressure on yourself to the … Continue reading Clean Slate For 2019

Self Love Saturday: Are You Ready For 2019

Well, Well, Well we have made it to the end of 2018 and man what a year has it been, so much has happened and changed, some good and some not so good especially in our country BUT we are here and if you're like me you still have great hope and love in your … Continue reading Self Love Saturday: Are You Ready For 2019

Change Can Feel Scary, But You Will Be O.k

Everything and everyone changes, it's apart of growth and life. Whether we want to change or not we all change. We especially change in our physical and mental over the years as we continue to grow older, we even make changes spiritually. These changes can be positive ones or negative ones, the fact is with … Continue reading Change Can Feel Scary, But You Will Be O.k

How To: Build Self Confidence

Today's post comes from a page (literally) out of my book Let It Go: Releasing Negativity To Gain Inner Peace, Positivity and Success. To read more on this topic pick up your copy today. Confidence is one of those things many of us may fight with on different occasions, depending on what situations we maybe … Continue reading How To: Build Self Confidence