Inspiration From Nipsey Hussle (Video)

The passing of rapper, entrepreneur and in his home town of South Central Los Angeles a community leader and activist Nipsey Hussle was so shocking due to the fact that this man had a great passion for success, his presence was full of motivation, positivity and great changes for himself and his community. He went … Continue reading Inspiration From Nipsey Hussle (Video)


Financial Growth Series: Saving Money

Let's get into how to save money so that it can be simple, easy and responsible to grow funds for the things that can be considered as a want or a need to buy or invest in. It is very important to try to put money to the side for emergency situations and also for … Continue reading Financial Growth Series: Saving Money

Financial Growth Series: What Is Credit & Why Is It Important

Its important that everyone knows the truth about credit and how it works. For some and for most inner city children, growing up learning about how to properly use money (spending habits and saving) and financial topics such as credit, loans,  life insurance, stocks, bonds and all types of investing were not taught or were not … Continue reading Financial Growth Series: What Is Credit & Why Is It Important