Financial Growth Series: What You Should Know About Loans

Next up in this series is a little information on loans and some of the things that come along with loans. Be very careful when dealing with your fiances where you would have to repay a debt owed, especially when you are building, correcting and/or maintaining good credit. WHAT IS A LOAN? In finance, a … Continue reading Financial Growth Series: What You Should Know About Loans


Learn From Your Past Mistakes

What if you can go back in time and have a conversation with your younger self, warning your younger self of the mistakes and/or bad choices you may make, would you stop yourself from those bad choices and/or mistakes or would you prepare yourself for the end results of those bad choices and/or mistakes? I … Continue reading Learn From Your Past Mistakes

Manifest Success

Are the things you are doing right now on the path of what you see as successful outcomes for yourself? For starters, what is the definition of the word SUCCESS? SUCCESS: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose                                   … Continue reading Manifest Success