The Power Of Life Giving Commands

Life giving commands are commands you give to yourself everyday to create a positive and successful change within yourself and life, they’re affirmations fit for immediate changes (in my opinion). I’ve talked over and over again about how the words we speak gives power to the things we do and how we live. Auto suggestions is the hypnotic or subconscious adoption of an idea that … Continue reading The Power Of Life Giving Commands

Inspiration From Nipsey Hussle (Video)

The passing of rapper, entrepreneur and in his home town of South Central Los Angeles a community leader and activist Nipsey Hussle was so shocking due to the fact that this man had a great passion for success, his presence was full of motivation, positivity and great changes for himself and his community. He went from gang activity to owning several businesses and much more because … Continue reading Inspiration From Nipsey Hussle (Video)

Financial Growth Series:What You Should Know About Debt

My last post in this series was about CREDIT, what it is, how important it is, how it affects your life and how you can check your scores, if you missed that post you can view it here Financial Growth Series: What is Credit & Why Is It Important Since I’ve talked a little about credit (I will be talking more about it in future … Continue reading Financial Growth Series:What You Should Know About Debt