Just Simply Drea (New Website)

I decided that I wanted to make a separate website just for the things I loved to do and the things that interest me outside of writing and being a motivational blogger. Though I love running Andrea Motivates, it is strictly for expressing and helping those that may need to be uplifted in their lives … Continue reading Just Simply Drea (New Website)


Hey guys I wanted to come back in here on the blog to give an update on how my process is going so far with my home office space. My new office space is all about staying focused on the things I need to get done and having the space to do that in. So … Continue reading UPDATE: SMALL HOME OFFICE


Over the last couple of months I've been into home improvement, home decor and D.I.Y projects. I have always had some interest and love for these things and I'm known for always rearranging things in my apartment or revamping something, but lately it feels like more of a hidden passion coming out to the point … Continue reading HOME IMPROVEMENT: CREATING A SMALL HOME OFFICE