Success doesn't mean the same thing to everyone, but many may feel that being successful means that you have to have money and lots of it to enjoy life, this isn't true. Though earning and having money gives you a sense of security to be able to afford the things that you may need and … Continue reading YOUR SUCCESS STORY

HAPPY 2017

I think for the most part everyone may say 2016 was a trying and strange year. With so many deaths and crazy things going on in the world including Donald Trump winning the election, 2016 may go down in history as the worst year of this generation. As for what 2016 meant to me, I … Continue reading HAPPY 2017


Social media has became the way of life in communication, the way most people talk to each other and conduct business. The up side to social media and the internet in general is the potential and opportunities every day people have to advance in any field they choose which is a great thing. In fact, … Continue reading SOCIAL MEDIA DETOX


Did you know whatever you allow in you life, your home environment, and the people you socialize with is a form of how you feel about yourself. How do you see yourself? Is your life going the way you want things to go? For things to be under control in your life, in a way … Continue reading KNOW YOUR WORTH


HABIT; a usual way of behaving : something that a person does often in a regular and repeated way We all have habits in some kind of form, habits can be as simple as our morning routines like waking up and performing the tasks we need to get ready for our day, you know shower, brush … Continue reading BREAKING BAD HABITS