The Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Aloe is a great plant with many benefits inside. It's uses for skin, hair and nails are amazing, in fact I use it for all of the above and it works wonders for me, it's very effective in my skin care routine. Here is some information on other ways ALOE VERA is beneficial to us.  Source of … Continue reading The Benefits Of Aloe Vera

The Benefits Of Black Seed Oil

DISCLAIMER: Before you take anything for your health that I may mention on my platforms (via my blog or my social media), PLEASE do your do diligence and research for yourself. That goes for anything you read or see on the internet. What may work for others, may not work for you. This post is about MY … Continue reading The Benefits Of Black Seed Oil


I thought it was very important to touch on the topic of depression because there are so many people that are battling it or have battled it, it is more common than you think but I want to bring awareness to it and let anyone out there know you are not alone and you can … Continue reading YOU’RE NOT ALONE: THE FIGHT WITH DEPRESSION


We all can use a little time to ourselves to relax, let loose and enjoy life. It's kinda hard to relieve some of the stresses we endure during our daily lives, but I believe it is very important to take the necessary time out to do something that can relieve you from the stresses of … Continue reading TEN (10) WAYS TO RELAX YOURSELF


Yes I know it's been some time since I posted in this section of my blog but to my defense this year has been a tough one. The start of the year started off horrible for me and my family with the sudden passing of my sister in law, one of my best friends in … Continue reading READY TO GET BACK TO IT


  Here in NYC we have had some beautiful nice warm weather indicating Spring is here, but we also still have that cold winter air trying to stay around, in fact it actually snowed a little on the first day of spring. Well all in all spring is here and after spring comes summer. Like … Continue reading GETTING IN SHAPE