There’s a lot happening throughout the world due to covid and other devastations and with the election (as I write this today is election day), the stress of the country has everyone in a crazy frenzy, and on top of those things we have to maintain our own personal life and mental health. I want to encourage anyone who reads this to keep your faith and keep a good heart and do all the things to be a better person and also never give up on yourself, you are important and you matter. Below are some tips you can apply to your daily life to help with keeping calm and relieve stress and stressful situations. Remember everything is energy so be aware of what and who you give your energy to.

  • Prayer- If you believe in a higher power (God) use prayer to lean on for comfort to help you get through difficult issues you may be having. Have a deep personal conversation with your higher power. Always showing gratitude, ask for forgiveness and help to cast away fears, doubt or anything that maybe attacking your spirit, your higher power will protect you.
  • Meditate- Use meditation to connect with your inner self and your high power. Meditation allows you to work on self and block out anything that may be causing you to disconnect from yourself and from the things you are trying to improve for yourself and life. Use meditation to center yourself and focus only on the good and positive.
  • Vibrational Therapy Listen to different frequency tones and sounds like water, nature, rain, etc. to help with shifting your energy and mood. The vibrations from these frequencies will calm you and bring clarity to your mind.
  • Practice Self Care and Self Loveincluding mental healthy health and keeping a daily journal to track the way you feel, writing and saying positive affirmations, writing down goals and seeing them through, taking care of your body physically like working out and having good hygiene also skin care is very important, read more helpful book to advance the things you want to do, watch and listen to positive uplifting things and people. All in all get to know and understand who you really are and what you really want out of life.
  • Please avoid toxic, dysfunctional and negative people- Self explanatory, trust me your actions, your thinking and your spirit will change for the better once you get these types of people out of your life.
  • Get and Be Creative- focus on you and do things to expand your mind to protect your peace and well being focus on your business and stop worrying about other people who does nothing to help you to progress in life.

Do what’s best for you and your life, learn ways to take your focus off of the negative and flip it into a positive. You can only control what you can and what you can’t control, try your best to refocus those feelings and shift and redirect negative energy into positive energy.