The world is a negative total mess partly because of human ignorance. When it’s all said and done some humans must learn how to grow up and stop behaving worst than children when they don’t know any better because as adults that’s no longer an excuse. Some people are full of ignorance, lies, and fear and they project that negativity onto others and in order to correct that they must admit to themselves that living this way is the problem and to get over themselves as this person that so call know it all but really knows nothing at all and start to expand their intellect and educate themselves on what they deem not worthy or less than what they assume they are. 

Your ignorance is really your fault because as an adult you should be doing what it takes to educate yourself on anything or anyone you are unaware of, instead of projecting your lies, misconceptions, and fears towards others creating hurt and confusion because you don’t understand it and/or others. Why not try to learn about what makes you feel uncomfortable, especially when it comes down to other people and cultures. Just because you don’t understand or know something OR you don’t believe in or practice the same things as someone else to live your life a certain way, does not mean your way is the right way and the only way to live, it does not mean that other people lives, traditions, and cultures are evil or wrong because you don’t understand it. If you are a person who makes cruel judgments or that views things and others as unworthy because it’s not what you would do or how you would live this shows your true character and how you view life in general, it also means you are lazy in your intellect and thoughts for not educating yourself further on issues and topics concerning the things you oppose before you pass judgments.

Hating and passing judgments on things and people based on their race, religion, culture, traditions, environment, job, hair color, whatever you want to name it, it is wrong and it’s negative energy that is being displayed and it will eventually catch up to you in the same energy if not worst, not to mention it’s ignorant and just outright stupidity. Stop assuming things based on fear and lack of information, stop projecting negative energy in the universe by hating and being ignorant about things you can’t or refuse to understand. Educate yourself and find out what you may not know then make a choice but still have respect and decency for others even if you don’t agree, but you may be surprised at how interesting and relatable people are and you never know, you just may have more in common than you think if you would just do your research and learn what you may think you oppose based on ignorance. 


  • Rid yourself of ignorance and/or from anyone that is around you that is ignorant and refuse to change before it’s too late… here are some reasons that may mean too late

You can pass down your ignorance to your children.

You may face your own bad karma for your ignorance including your behavior and actions.

You will be judge by something greater than all of us

  • Pick up a book, I know it’s old school but before social media, including youtube, we had physical books that had information in great detail and surprisingly physical books are still available, but if you learn better through different means such as audiobooks than that’s great as well. It is cool to get information in the best form that works for you, if you’re more visual, Google and other educational websites that have valuable information that is very beneficial and yes this can include youtube because youtube is filled with great information from different sources that have FACTS and also it has people from all over the world to help in any area you may need to be informed on but still expand and fact check using other resources
  • Talk to people that you want to learn and find out information about. Communicate with them to educate yourself about their views and traditions
  • Try new things, new foods, new everything expand your world to new things to broaden your conscious so you won’t be so quick to judge

There are so many things and ways to be a better person do not let being ignorant and hateful limit you in your growth on being a great and helpful person. Spread love, peace, and positivity.