I want to uplift and inspire and be helpful in today’s post so that you can keep your mental health in good condition in these trying days and times. We all have to take time to always refocus our energy towards the positivity that is out there and available to you (believe it or not).

Realize that positivity is still present and all-around of us but you have to be willing to see it or if you have to, seek it out, even in the mist and in the middle of negativity, chaos, hatred, and everything else that 2020 has revealed to us. I know it can be hard to see or find because the negativity is consistently shown everywhere or it’s in our communities even in the household, but if you shift your energy on how you react to these things and refocus it towards how you want to spend your days, you will start to experience the positivity that’s waiting on you. Now I’m not saying to ignore the issues of the world including injustices and health concerns, you must not be blindsided by the changes that are happening to our world but what I am saying is to be mindful as to how much you’re absorbing negativity.

When you are constantly viewing or entertaining negative energy or programming you are doing a disservice to your mental health and eventually your daily life, so it’s very important to monitor your intake on what you put your energy into especially if you’re easily triggered for anxiety, depression, mental break down or any substance abuse or anything else that can set you back. Like I said, the negativity is hard to escape because it’s all around, but so is the positivity when you are focused on it, control what you can and leave what you can’t alone.

  • Take a break, step out of the world for a little bit to refocus your mind, energy, and time toward things that will keep your peace and sanity. If that means staying off of social media or watching the news then that’s what you should do to get yourself mentally in a positive more zen state.
  • You can try meditating, reading, listening to good high vibrational music, find a great hobby, educate yourself with positive uplifting information, or learn something knowledgeable to expand your thinking.
  • Continue to keep working on the things that are fulfilling your purpose in life, don’t get off track with the goals you set for yourself, keep pushing forward no matter what.
  • Take time for yourself, go outdoors get some sun (wear your mask or social distance yourself), exercise to reduce stress, self-care, and self-love attention is major for a positive shift.
  • Connect or reconnect with family and friends, make sure you surround yourself with love and like-minded people. and also make sure you do something good for others, Try to help others that maybe in need of help
  • Be creative, start executing your ideas that you’ve been putting off for years, maybe start that online business you always wanted.
  • Start a garden, start growing your own foods and herbs to have healthy options, digging in the soil, and planting seeds gives off great energy of calmness.

There are so many ways you can start to shift your energy into something positive. All in all the point of this post is to redirect yourself off of the train wreck that is happening that is causing chaos and negativity. The shift that is happening all over the world, not all of it is bad because there are some great changes that are happening everywhere, I am talking about the chaos that trying to prevent the good changes. Protect your spirit and do not fester within the chaos bringing that negative energy into your life. Do not be apart of the chaos, be apart of the peace, anything that is not of solutions, clarity, and peace I suggest that you stay far away from it before it attaches to your life and disrupts it with bad intentions.