I’ve done many articles about removing toxins from your life, but I feel it is so important to continue to press this issue because it can mean life or death when it comes to how you are trying to live and the things you are trying to manifest in your life (good or bad). You may want to consider the people that you are surrounded by as to why things maybe not going so well for you.

It does not matter who you are around even family or close friends can be very toxic. If they are projecting negativity in any way and you don’t want that for your life then it would be wise to remove them from your life, NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE. Deciding to remove these toxic people may be a hard reality but the rules still should apply to them, especially if they are not adding anything of value to your life and if they are sucking you dry with their negativity. You will have to decide how you are going to remove them in your own way because if you really care and love them, you may need to give an ultimatum or have limited time with them for awhile, this is up to you depending on who you are dealing with.

I’m facing this harsh reality as well with the people I love dearly but I know enough to know, I love myself enough to not allow anyone to interfere with the positivity that I am doing and feeling, as well as bettering myself each day to rid stress and negativity by learning and taking actions. I understand that if people love you the way they say they do, then their actions will match and not produce behaviors of lack of love even for themselves and if they don’t love themselves and show actions of wanting a better way of living, then they can’t possibly love me fully. We can’t continue to help those that don’t want to be helped and when it gets to this point, it’s out of your control.

We must all figure out who’s for us and/or who’s working against us unintentionally or intentionally, because you should want to go about your life knowing you can keep your peace and energy safe and not waste it on these types of people. You should also keep in mind, when someone shows you who they really are, you should believe them, because if you choose to ignore the signs of toxins in people that is directed towards you, you may fall into the same reality and downfall of these people without the understanding of how it even happened and it will be your fault because you are the only person that can control you and what you allow. Please be careful with your energy and with the company you keep because ultimately what ever you allow will continue to be.

Don’t feel guilty if you need to clear out the people that maybe hindering your growth of keeping your peace and moving in the direction of positive changes, everybody is not meant to travel with you on your journey, sometimes the load may be too heavy so you have to leave some things and people behind to safely make it to your destination.