The world is on paused for now and it’s the most unsettling and uncertain thing to sit back and wait to see how things will play out. My heart goes out to everyone all over the world that have been effected, affected or infected by this evil and dismay amonst us all, not only meaning the virus but also from the people that may use this time to instill fear, lies and harm to the mases. So I warn everyone to be aware and protect yourself and family at all cost and do the right things to stay informed and healthy.

In my last blost post at the beginning of March before things got out of control, I ironically wrote about how there was something weird about the world, something was changing and how it’s causing people to feel discouraged. Not only are people being mistreated but the physical Earth is being mistreated and it’s really getting fed up with us. This virus has literally put us all on pause or it most cases has stopped what life once was in such a short period of time.

Humans tend to always create bad issues to have to learn the hard way of doing things, but let’s all find ways to learn lessons to not continue to repeat them and find solutions to live life as better humans. In this life altering situation let’s all project the energy of healing, love, compassion and positivity so that we can fix our social problems, our government and any and everything that tries to disrupt and hinder us from being a great World as God inteneded. This outbreak has changed us all forever but I want to remind you all to NEVER GIVE YOUR POWER OVER TO FEAR AND CHOAS, choose and speak life over yourself, family and friends, stop constantly watching the news or social media that’s causing more fear be informed but don’t overwhelm yourself with things out of your control, use this time to create, research and learn something new, spend much needed time with family (especially if you’re stuck in the house with them), take proper care of yourself and find ways to eat better and take things to boost your immune system even better start growing your own food, and always meditate and/or pray when you just don’t know what to do or expect. Remain confident in your faith as well as prepare with a sound mind.

This too shall pass and we will get through this but use this time to go within and adjust yourself and life, and be aware of the negative lessons you are being taught and refuse to continue to put yourself through those things repeatedly and learn something from it so you can come out on the other side of this pandemic strong to continue growing towards the postive lessons of life that produce great and positive changes.

Be encourgaged, I pray that you and your family remain strong, healthy, safe and positive