Everyday as I scroll through social media and other platforms I’ve notice so many crazy things going on, it’s so weird that in today’s society it seems like what was wrong is now right and anything goes. It also seems todays society is overly sensitive to minior things. we have people over aggerating stories or flat out lieing for likes and views, fake woke people thinking they know it all but knows nothing and chout chasing in many forms has now become the new thing to do for a come up even if it’s lies and could destroy others. What the hell is going on?

As I’m noticing these things and other things like unnessecary violence, extreme racism, and drop dead viruses spreading througout the world, I also notice people are becoming numb to these things showing the lack of caring, lack of emotions and compassion I feel like people are in a zombie like state of mind and becoming more depressed and sad. It seems like 2020 is really trying to let us know or prepare us for something. And I know you may feel like something is off with world as well more than any other time in history…. But there always hope.

With all the negative things going on in the world and even in your personal life, you have to remember your vision must stay on the positive things that you have going on and that you can make for yourself and to not put too much energy on what’s going on in this world because it will make you feel like giving up because of the evil and negativity that is trying to hold you back and bring you down. Yes, we have to see all sort of stuff that’s going on just to be aware but do not let those things consume your life, don’t let it attach to your spirit and your positive ways and don’t let it effect what you have going on to become the best verison of yourself.

Take care of yourself and your family, keep away from things and people that are destroying themselves with “the way of world” or people that are going along with what you believe and feel is a negative that may interrupt your positive growth also stay away from the people that are jumping on the band wagons for things that you know is wrong or inapportiate.

We can’t control what’s going on it the world, the ways of it nor the people that live within it, but we can control ourselves and think for ourselfves and live life always trying to be better than the day before but never allow this world and obviously I’m speaking about the people, the technilogy and the evils that lurk around to change you into a negative person or a person that needs validation from social media or people that mean you know well. Don’t fade out with the down fall of this world feed your soul with good and make your visons a reality despite anything that may try to stand in your way.