Just Simply Drea (New Website)

I decided that I wanted to make a separate website just for the things I loved to do and the things that interest me outside of writing and being a motivational blogger. Though I love running Andrea Motivates, it is strictly for expressing and helping those that may need to be uplifted in their lives and I like to keep things that way so that it won’t be confusing when I want to post things that are totally not on a motivational topic.

My new website is about all things Drea and all the things that I’m into such as home decor, fashion, shopping hauls and unfiltered blog posts about a variety of topics. I’m also a new YouTuber so I’m making youtube videos about just simply being me and the things that I love and if you follow the website you will see my youtube videos as well as some exclusive videos that may not even make it to youtube. So please feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel below and then go follow the website to stay connected with the things I will be doing in the future, also follow me on Instagram. All links are below.

Thank you for supporting Andrea Motivates (don’t worry I’m not going anywhere I love helping and motivating all those that may need it) and I thank you in advance for supporting Just Simply Drea


MY YOUTUBE Channel (Like & Subscribe)

My Instagram (Follow Me)

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