Life can sometimes be stressful and filled with different dilemmas that may cause confusion, drama, setbacks and other negative situations that may knock us off track, but it’s very important to find ways to get up and refocus ourselves so that we can continue to move forward and progress towards the life we want to have.

When you focus on solutions instead of negativity, it shows self-control, self-love and it also shows that you are serious about living your best life instead of dwelling on things that are not adding value to your life. Some things that may happen in a negative sense are sometimes out of our control but the things that are in our control to change, we should and can fix it and move on.

Here are five (5) quick tips to help on your journey towards living a positive and successful life.

  • Make the choice to want better for yourself

Be serious about the changes you want to see for yourself and life. Get fed up with the things that are not what you want or what is not right with your situations or life, get so fed up with the negative in your life that you have no choice but to make a positive change.

  • Focus on ways to eliminate toxins

Rely on your faith to help you through anything that may be stressful to your growth.

Get rid of fear. Fear can lead you down a dark path that can stop you from doing anything for yourself and life. Get help if you need to deal with mental health issues and understand that fear isn’t real, it’s something that we create in our mind to make us feel comfortable with our excuses.(I’m NOT talking about life-threatening fear our natural instincts, I’m talking about the fear that stops us from progressing in life). 

CLICK HERE if you need support or help with mental health issues 

Get rid of all toxins in your life negative people, things, thoughts, situations, and actions that you feel is causing you to continue to dwell on or repeat in your life, even your own toxic behavior, let it all go. Make peace with your past or with anything that may be troubling or hard to deal with. Find peace and learn to forgive yourself and others. Try things to calm your spirit, say your affirmations that relate to self-love and confidence.

  • Stop focusing on things and people that are not adding value to you

Other people’s lives, successes, and other people’s problems, even the world’s issues are not in your control.

Put the energy and attention into the things that will help you grow and not hinder you or put added negative pressure on you. You show be applying the tools you need to change for the better to be productive and involving yourself in things that don’t concern you will not help you grow in your life.

  • Build yourself up to the standards you want for yourself and life

Take care of yourself, your health including your mental health. Change your environment or if you can’t do that fix your home to reflect who you are in a positive way.

Surround yourself with good like-minded people. You want people in your life that can help you stay focus and on track, people that will also tell you the truth no matter what and people that you can learn from to help on your journey, learn how they are able to stay grounded and how they view success. 

Make sure that you are able to motivate and pull yourself up when you need to and not rely on or expect anyone to always be there when you have a setback or going through a hard time. Though it’s great to have great support from good like-minded people like I mentioned above, you have to know that everyone has their own situations of life going on, so you want to be able to stand on your own two feet so that you can continue to move forward.

  • If you want better, then do better

Stop procrastinating with the things you need or want to do, that is a form of self-sabotaging, understand that time waits for no one and you never ever want to feel like you wasted your own time. Get things done.

Take all actions needed to make improvements you have to be the change that you want to see for yourself nobody else can do it you have to get up and take the actions necessary.

Don’t put limits on yourself or your goals, also don’t dumb down yourself or abilities, do your research put in the work and follow through with your decisions based on your own thoughts.

Focus On Your End Results and Remember Why You Want This Change

When you keep focussing on what you are doing and on your goals and/or dreams, that should keep you busy enough to not be really concern about anything else that can be a distraction to your growth. If it’s not adding value or positive changes then it’s not that important to your journey. Keep your peace, keep your calm, take care of yourself, take care of your responsibilities and don’t allow anything or anyone to disrupt or disturb what you have going on. 

The solutions to move forward are within you to make a commitment to yourself to find ways to better your situations, yourself and life. Find what works for you because only you know what’s best for you, you know your truth and you also know the solutions to solve whatever you need to solve to make positive changes to progress, you just have to want it bad enough. There are always solutions and ways to be a better person, but you first have to focus on them and want it for yourself.