Some people believe that spiritual awareness is being closer to nature. Others believe it is a profound inner change in their thoughts and way of being. Others believe it is a greater understanding about life.

A spiritual awareness often means that people start thinking of themselves less than as an individual, but more as being part of a wider system. They recognize that all things spring from the same source and share a connection. Spiritual awareness can also be described as an increase of conscious awareness. You must examine your own thoughts, feelings and experiences for a true understanding of spiritual awareness.

If you feel a little different from the rest of the world, your family and friends or feel like you are connected to something greater and powerful then you are and you feel it deep within your spirit and soul you are not crazy nor are you alone in this belief. Do you have a connection to your higher self, nature and peacefulness all around you or do you feel like you have to disconnect from low frequency people, places, conversations and things because you see through the distraction?



Here’s a great video to break down exactly what you may be experiencing. I went through each one of these examples and steps and so much more and I have never felt better about my spiritual journey.