Why are you always playing it safe? What are you afraid of?…

Failure, the unknown, other people’s opinions, doubt?




Whether you’re trying to start a new job/career, go back to school, start a business, move somewhere new, socialize more or whatever it is that maybe a new experience to you, you shouldn’t allow the unknown to continue to box you in your comfort zone. Sometimes you have to take a chance to see where it may lead you. If you are thinking about doing or trying something interesting and new, remove the fear behind it. Do your research on it make sure that you will be ok to the best of your abilities but don’t allow the fear to overpower you into not trying. 

Your comfort zone can keep you stuck in a routine of doubt, lack of vision, anxiety, and of course all types of fears. Take control of it all because you have it within yourself to do the things your heart desires that would be a good experience for you. Whether you know the outcome or not you have to put yourself in the position to want better for yourself and future and that means to take a leap of faith and face the unknown, but at the same time know all the facts and things you need to know to be prepared but at the end of the day it’s your job to advance your life and there shouldn’t be any excuse to not take the chances and opportunities to advance your life.

Taking a leap of faith means you have the faith in your high power, God, or whatever you believe in including yourself to do the things or experience life knowing without seeing the outcome, knowing that you will be ok regardless. You trust that your abilities will be enough and you trust that your best will be put forth to take leaps of faith towards a better life for yourself because it would be for your best interest to move in a way that will benefit your life.

Get out your comfort zone, put forth the efforts to try at least to do better and experience new things and people because even though sometimes you may not know the outcome of it, it’s still better to have tried then to live in regret because you didn’t even give yourself a chance.

Have faith, believe and advance yourself and life.

Please be positive and responsible with the choices that you make, be prepaid and just do it.