Introvert / Extrovert: WHICH ARE YOU?


Well for me I lend more on the introvert side now that I’m an adult. I prefer to stay to myself and enjoy my time learning new things and insights on everything, writing and building for Andrea Motivates, reading and just be creative. I’m more of a home body, going out to party or hang out til late night doesn’t really excite me anymore, I much rather stay home and chill. When I was younger up until my mid 30’s I was more of an extrovert, I loved going out and meeting new people and just living a carefree life. I still have the same extroversion inside of me but it just takes me time to warm up to show that side. I’m more cautious and conscious of my surrounds, people and how things will play out now than when I was younger.

Which do you relate to?…


Introvert is one of the major personality traits in many theories of personality. People who are introverted tend to be inward turning or focused more on internal thoughts, feelings and moods rather than seeking out external stimulation. Introversion is generally viewed as existing as part of a continuum along with extroversion. Introversion indicates one end of the scale, while extroversion represents the other ends.

Introverts tends to be more quiet, reserved and introspective. Unlike extroverts who gain energy from social interactions, introverts have to expend energy in social situations. After attending a party or spending time in a large group of people, introverts often feel a need to ” recharge” by spending periods of time alone.


Extroverts are outgoing, energetic, talkative people. The word (extrovert) generally refers to a state of being where someone “recharges” or draws energy from being with other people as oppose to being alone (introvert).

People who identify as extroverts tend to search for novel experiences and social connections that allows them to interact with humans as much as possible. Some who is highly extroverted will likely feel bored or even anxious when they’re made to spend too much time alone. True extroverts are often considered “the life of the party”



  • Being around lots of people drains your energy
  • You enjoy solitude
  • You have a small group of close friends
  • People often describes you as quiet and may find it difficult to get to know you
  • Too many stimulation leaves you feeling distracted and unfocused 
  • You are very self aware
  • You like to learn by watching
  • You are drawn to jobs that involve independence


  • You enjoy social settings
  • You don’t like or need a lot of alone time
  • You thrive around people
  • You’re friends with many people
  • You prefer to talk out problems or questions
  • You’re outgoing and optimistic
  • You aren’t afraid of risks
  • You’re flexible


Here are two other personality traits that can also co-exist with being an introvert or extrovert

Omnivert Someone who is an introvert and extrovert. Can be extremely introverted  when presented with situations they don’t want to be in or don’t care about, but on the other hand be the life of the party when they are enjoying themselves and want to be there. Both a very quiet, reserved person and loud, outgoing.

Ambiverts adapt. At a party, an ambiverts engages in boisterous conversation, fluttering from person to person all night, much like the extroverts at the gathering. But that same ambivert also enjoys dinner and a movie alone. Ambiverts act like extroverts in social situations and introverts when alone.



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