Forgive Yourself & Let It Go

Your purpose for letting go of all that is out of your control and of the things that’s been hindering you is so that you can take your life back to become the person you deserve to be. But do you realize one of the things that can also be hindering you is YOU, yes you can be hurting yourself in ways you are unaware of. There are things and issues we tend to let eat us up inside because of what we should’ve or could’ve done or if only had the chance to do….(you fill in the blank).

When you allow these thoughts and void questions to control your present situations and thoughts, you are living in regret and you’re allowing what you didn’t do to dictate what you are able to do right now. Forgiving yourself means you acknowledge what may have went wrong and you’re doing what it takes to live a better life, it means you are aware of the power you have inside to let it go and having a peace of mind after you let it go. It’s also a great step into living yourself because you know and feel you deserve the very best including a piece of mind.

Everyone has their ups and downs, bad choices, hurtful past and other things that force or should I say trick us into believing we can’t accomplish anything or we can’t progress in life because of these negative issues, we dwell in self doubt and regretful situations and in some cases it may be because we have a hard time forgiving ourselves from these negative things. Learning to forgive yourself will not be an easy process but I have to say it will be the best thing you can do for your life to move forward towards the things you deserve. You have to remove from your mind the things, situations, people and anything that may have or left you feeling as if you failed or are worthless, even if you have to confront your own self.

Things may have happened because of reasons that were out of your control or you didn’t know how to properly handle it, but you can also look at negative experiences as lessons and learn from them and move on. You have to stop looking at your shortcomings as failures and look at them as it taught you something to help in your journey of what not to do or deal with. Forgiving yourself can help in finding clarity in these situations and also in situations of doubt and fears. When you’re going through something difficult or dealing with yourself  in a negative light you must find a way to flip it into a positive, even though you may have been through somethings or you gave up on yourself, or you may have had bad relationships or you didn’t fulfill your goals or dreams or had to put them on hold that doesn’t mean you should totally give up on life or yourself because you are still alive and you wake up everyday which gives you another chance to turn things around to live a better life and become the person that you want to be.

Forgive yourself for your setbacks, past mistakes, hurtful issues and do something different to fix the things you need to fix. Don’t continue to beat yourself up for these negative things that are no longer in your control or never were in your control because it’s not helping you move forward it’s only making you feel stuck with these negative issues. You have to start putting your focus on things you can control because  you absolutely have the power to change what you don’t want or don’t like in your life so that you can start over fresh.  Forgive yourself and stop wasting your time, the time that you can be using to move into greatness.

Forgive yourself and leave the past in the past, the present is now, so what you going to do differently to focus on what you want out of this life?

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