Get Rid Of Bad Habits & Start Practicing Good Habits

When you are on the right path and you are experiencing the life you deserve, you are going to develop good habits. The good habits that you are creating are habits that are going to help you live a better life and be a better person. Once you get rid of the old habits, everything you do will have purpose towards the life you are building.

When you are practicing good habits you are showing yourself, SELF LOVE. I once heard that it take 21 days to make or break a habit and I believe this to be true because it’s all about getting use to doing certain things and doing them constantly until you form a habit of doing these things. We all have habits of some sort, good ones and bad ones, but in living a positive life we want to make sure we do away with the bad habits and focus on creating good habits.

Sometimes our bad habits can range from minors ones to major ones, like biting your nails or smoking cigarettes, we no we shouldn’t be doing it yet we do it for whatever reasons. To create a good habit that is the opposite of the bad ones, you have to figure out a solution to over ride the bad habits in a positive way and stick to the plan to permanently replace the bad habit with a good one.

You have to be careful with the things you are forming into a habit because having bad habits can sometimes trick you into thinking that it’s a good habit, when in fact it’s hurting your life. The reasons you may think your bad habit is a good habit is because you become comfortable with this habit and you begin to see and feel there is nothing wrong with what you are doing and you would even make excuse for why you are doing it to keep this bad habit.

Bad Habits And The Solution To Turn That Bad Habit Into A Good One With Positive Results

You may have a bad a habit of

Procrastination, Bad Time Management, Making Excuses and Telling Lies.

Here’s an example:

You may have a bad habit of procrastination which means you wait to the last minute to get things done or continuously put things off especially things of importance, so you are also always late because of this habit. You are unreliable because of these negative bad habits but you somehow always have an excuse ready to defend this behavior and your excuses are pretty much lies because with procrastination almost always comes with lies that you may have to tell because you have not done something or wasn’t on time for something.

So what is the positive solution to turn this example into a good habit? 

The solution to the example situation above would be to take yourself and life more seriously and know who you are as well as know your worth. Respect and value your time as well as other people’s time, time is all we have and it’s guarantee to keep moving, so wasting your time or other’s time is showing disrespect to yourself and life causing you to not get things done or show up when you’re supposed to. Figure out how to better manage your time so that it can work to your benefit in the end. Prepare for your days the nights before, right out a to do lists or goals of things that must be handled so that you time won’t cause you to be behind on your own goals or late for anything you agreed to show up for.

Also take responsibility when things fall behind, get messy or you loose time because it was your procrastination that caused the domino effect, that way you won’t have to lie and make up all kinds of crazy excuses blaming everything and everyone else but yourself.

Practicing good habits may take a little time to get use to because you are set in your old ways and habits and it’s a form of comfort, but if you’re seeking positive changes you have to start taking your life serious and do all things that will bring good habits that you can create within 21 days top. Cut out the things that are making your life difficult and unhealthy, cut out the bad habits of drama, laziness, lies, procrastination, bad relationships, poor eating habits and anything else that is having you to feel as if it’s o.k to engage in forming a bad habit, break that cycle so you can create the good habits for your life.