Self Love Saturday: No More Talk, Show Some Actions

Happy Self Love Saturday beautiful people, I hope you all are in great spirits and are well on your way towards making this new year a great and exciting one. My Self Love Saturday’s has always been gear towards making sure we take the time out at least once a week to tend just to ourselves, to make sure we are putting ourselves first in order to take care everything and everyone else that may need our attention. Keeping that in mind, my Self Love Saturday’s for this year will include some tough love (tough love for myself as well), Yes we can cater to ourselves sometimes and be in our feelings sometimes, but if you are not progressing further and changing for the better in any other part of your life then what’s the point.

Sometimes we need a little tough love to teach us how to be discipline in the things we need to do. When you are in the process of changing your life for the better, you have to get in a routine of DOING! not just talking. Some people talk so much about what they want and what they are going to do, yet they have so many issues and excuses when it comes time to execute them, No actions or changes behind the talking. Stop talking so much and just start showing the actions behind the things you are aiming for. Another big problem most people do when they talk too much without anything to back it up is broadcasting everything to anyone that will listen then have little to show for the things they’re talking so much about. Stop telling your business, goals and dreams to people that could care less or won’t support you. We live in a society where it seems the popular thing is to post your life for the world to see and that’s cool only if you really are living the life you are portraying online, but if you are not then that’s a serious problem and you need to do some deep self accepting.

To me social media has become the new way to talk (including telling everyone your business be it personal or professional) for the talkers they need some form of validation instead of just moving in silence or really showing the actions behind the things they are doing. Never do it for validation from others that don’t even know you or can’t impact your life in anyway, stop talking so much, not everyone wishes you well, believe it or not. You don’t need to keep sharing information about things you want to do, Stop talking and show yourself the actions instead.

NO MORE TALK can work in many forms, you decide which form you need to use it in, the tough love comes in when you are not living up to what you are talking about and you have reevaluate yourself to fix it, in other words CHECK YOURSELF. The time you spend talking and explaining to others what you’re going to do, is wasted time you should be putting towards JUST DOING IT.

No More Talk, start getting things done.

2 thoughts on “Self Love Saturday: No More Talk, Show Some Actions

  1. And yes indeed, all of us need to do some deep self accepting. That’s what people need. Self acceptance. We need to accept who we really are in order to love ourselves more. Its not really easy to do that but in the end its all worth it. Self love is self acceptance.


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