Clean Slate For 2019

Start New Beautiful People 

It’s that time again, When everyone is changing their old habits and creating new ones to make the attempt to make their life better in some form or in some kind of way and while that is a great and positive thing, please remember to not put too much pressure on yourself to the point where you become overwhelmed with all the great and new changes you want to make, just apply enough pressure on yourself so that you can stay focus and on task to complete the things you are aiming for. Hold yourself accountable and make sure what you are doing is for the betterment of you and/or your family not because of anyone else.

For most of us 2019 is a clean slate for us to apply the things we want for ourselves, (whatever that may be for you), this year is the year to JUST DO IT! and execute it to it’s fullest potential. You have a clean slate to change your story and journey to move in a positive and successful direction. With that being said, EVERYDAY we get a clean slate to get things right, no matter the year, month or day, which is why I kinda don’t like telling people to make NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS because most people make unrealistic goals that they can’t complete or get distracted from completing and it leaves them feeling discouraged or it can create a new habit or worsen an old habit which is called PROCRASTINATION. Not only does making a huge resolution for a new year taboo, it can be very stressful because most people want results instantly, so they burn themselves out the first 2 or 3 months before they quit, completely forget or just put things off. I’ll say this you can make resolutions, create goals, or recognize the clean slate for yourself, but none of it matters if you’re not in the right mindset or ready to give your life a boast of the changes you want for yourself.

Your clean slate comes only when you are ready to wipe things that are negative in your life away (whatever or whenever that is for you) and start anew and renew your mind to focus on positive changes and gradually attract and do the things to better your situations. You will be ready to take the actions so that you can progress towards a great future for yourself. 2019 or any New Year is just a reminder to hit the reset button in your mind for the next 365 days but you have to choose to want a clean slate either it’s on Jan 1 or any day.

Happy New Beginnings Beautiful People.