Drea’s Life Update

20181112_081948Hey everyone I know it’s been sometimes since I’ve updated the blog, actually it’s been a little over a month since my last post and this is because I’ve started a new job here in Florida. My new job leaves me very tired to even do the smallest things after work and writing was sort of put on hold due to the fact that being tired makes it a little difficult to get my thoughts together to post a article for you guys and I’m not the type of blogger to put out half ass blog post, that is not my style at all. 

I decided to really get my thoughts and self together and get determined to release blog posts on the weekends, that way you guys can have something because I love to write and help those in need of self help and motivation, it’s my passion and I refuse to have anything take me away from doing what I love.

When you have goals set for yourself, you have to do everything in your power to stay on track and stay focused on the bigger picture. I have many goals that I will accomplish so I’m focusing on the solutions to keep everything flowing in the way I need them to. So I hope those of you that keep up with me here on the blog and my social media understand my transition and please be patient with my personal growth. I will be back at it very soon but until then I will be posting every weekend on Fridays, Saturdays with my self love Saturdays, Sundays and any time I have off I will upload as well.

I pray you all are staying focused, motivated and living out your goals and dreams,