Don’t Wait, Start Now

2015-11-02_start_now_3We can sometimes feel like we have to wait for the right moments to do the things we want to do to start or finish a goal or fulfill a dream, or just to do something to make ourselves feel accomplished.

You may use reasons or excuses like; I’ll wait till my children are older, even when they’re school age, teen aged, or even grown, these are reasons you may give to not focus on YOU, or I’ll wait till I have enough money, even while you buy things you don’t need or waste money you may give this reason as if some set magical amount of money will fall out the sky into your lap and that’s what you are waiting on.

Whatever your reasons or excuses as to why you are waiting to experience something new, starting something new, setting and fulfilling a goal or dream, if it starts with these words “I’ll wait for this or that to do what you want or need to do, be aware that you are not fully living your life in the way that is fulfilling and you are not well verse with how time works and if you want to change that you must know you have to find it in yourself to be more aware of yourself and with the things you want for yourself, to be fair with yourself and with your time. Don’t let time pass you by because you know time waits for know one and it does not care what you are waiting on, it still will pass you by.

You don’t want to live with any regrets about your choices and decisions in life, if you want to do something then do it, find a way to get it done, especially if it’s going to push you in a positive direction for your future. Don’t keep putting off the things you can do today because of whatever your reasons are and because you are living in your comfort zone and assuming you have all the time in the world to act on it, tomorrow isn’t promise to any of us so why not start now and live a purposeful life and stop waiting for the right time and moments, step out on faith and start now living the life you see for yourself and future.