Change Can Feel Scary, But You Will Be O.k

progress-is-impossible-without-change-makes-us-grow-motivational-gym-quotes-ripping-aboutEverything and everyone changes, it’s apart of growth and life. Whether we want to change or not we all change. We especially change in our physical and mental over the years as we continue to grow older, we even make changes spiritually. These changes can be positive ones or negative ones, the fact is with every decision made there will be some form of change because the decisions we make can change the course of our lives in some way which will effect us in some way, shape or form.

Sometimes we can feel hesitant with the changes we need to make for the positive, even knowing that it will enhance our growth on our journey. There are many reasons for this hesitation; for some of us these changes may seem unrealistic or impossible, some may be fearful of uncertainty and other fearful states of thoughts, some may even feel change isn’t staying true to themselves as the old saying goes, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Whatever the reasoning behind the hesitation it all comes down to how bad do you really want better for yourself and life and if your goal is to do better and live better then you will understand to get the life you want, there will be some form of change happening.

You have to know what you want out of life in order to start making the positive changes you see for yourself and stop living in a scary mindset of change. Just like how you may have all the reasons and excuses in the world as to why you shouldn’t change, you should also know what you want and expect from yourself and use those excuses and reasons as fuel to put in the work to change the things needed to progress in life.

YES, yes, yes change can give you the feeling that it’s going to be scary, but never allow that to stop you from pushing through and doing what’s best for you. When you know who you are and what you want and expect out of life and from yourself then you will understand that sometimes and in some cases change is very necessary. You will decide what choices you need to make to change the course of your life for the betterment of your future. You may need to change your thinking, you may need to change your attitude about life, you may need to change your behaviors, you may need to change the actions you are taking and the decisions you are making, you may need to change friends, you may need to change your environment or location.

Whatever the changes you may need to make to improve yourself for the better and progress your growth in all areas of your life, know and understand that yes, your changes into something new, different, and better will feel scary and fearful at first but your goal is to surpass that feeling or illusion and do it anyway because change is apart of growth and it can be good if you want good in your life for a positive effect for your life. With this understanding is also knowing you will be o.k through it all.

Change is going to happen to us all, don’t be afraid of it, just make sure the changes you are making are going in the right direction for your life.