Check Out The Podcast Show


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Hey everyone I just want to take the time to informed you about my podcast show. Andrea Motivates the podcast show is an extension of my blog plus a little bit more. I talk about a variety topics to help encourage and motivate. I wanted to do a podcast show because some days I just don’t feel like writing and I feel that actually talking to you guys is a much better connection and a lot more fun honestly.

It took some time to actually get use to doing the show because I’m a very harsh critic of myself and recording can take hours just to get it right because I have to make sure I’m speaking clear, there’s no extra noises in the background or anything else that can go wrong during a recording. All and all I love it and every week I’m planning out topics for an episode to give you all some insights on how to live life a little better.

The podcast has been doing great since my first episode and I’m so excited because it encourages me to keep going. Over the last month my podcast has become available on 10 different podcasting listening websites and streaming services including apple/iTunes and one of my favorite streaming services Spotify. I’m so happy to be acknowledge and picked up on these sites so that I can reach more people who needs positive words to help on their journey. 

My regular podcasting schedule is Mondays and Thursdays but sometimes I may upload an episode in between those days (depending on the topic). I want to say thank you to anyone out there that has already tuned in, I hope that you enjoy the show and followed me and for those that has not tuned in I hope that you stop by and check it out. Don’t forget to like the show so that can let me know you enjoyed it.

You can find the links to where my podcast is available at by clicking the Podcast tab on the menu bar above to listen on my blog or on the sidebar to the right of the blog (if your using a PC) or scroll to the bottom of this page on your mobile device.