Self Love Saturday: Own Your Happiness


One of the first steps of owning your happiness and living a happy life is knowing who you are. If you don’t know who you are and if you don’t accept who you are flaws and all then you will always feel a battle within, which can cause many set backs and disappointments from you truly feeling happiness within yourself and with how your life is moving. You have to know who you are so you can know your worth and know what you deserve.

Happiness and feeling happy is a clear indication that you are doing things to enhance your life for the better, You’re making wise decisions based on what’s best for you because you know you deserve to be happy. You will do everything possible to protect how you want your life to be. Nothing or no one can effect your happiness or peace if you don’t allow it.

When you own your happiness you will keep your happiness by working hard and staying positive about everything you do, Your mind will be set on fulfilling your goals, so at the end of it you can see and feel accomplished which of course will make you happy. Happiness means never giving up on yourself, to keep pushing forward in your positive and personal growth.

Owning your happiness is also knowing when to remove anyone or anything that does not make you feel good about being yourself. You can’t change anyone else’s actions or behaviors but you can decide for yourself if they are toxic to your happiness because you know your happiness is important to you.

Lastly if you have a belief system like I do and believe in God, then you may also believe and know that God holds everything together when you feel like everything is falling apart. Having a strong belief system and having faith can help to keep you on a prosperous path so that you can experience happiness in all areas of your life. You can do anything with great faith and when you have faith you will know you will be o.k regardless. Your faith can help in the process of healing any pass unhappy moments and situations so that you can freely let go and start to trust and believe in yourself so that you can see and feel happiness all around you don’t feel guilty about your happiness OWN IT because you deserve it.