Self Love Saturday: Walking In Your Truth

Cultivate it.

It’s mind puzzling to me how it can be easy for some people to put on a front to prove to other people that they are worthy to be in their presence so they can get their approval or to be liked by them, we see it all the time especially on social media. These people rather get approval from other people to be something they are not, rather than be who they really are and show themselves love and worth to be true to themselves and not feel comfortable around anyone that can’t handle or accept that.

When you are walking in your truth, you are accepting yourself for who you really are and you don’t give a care in the world about who doesn’t like it or you. You’re comfortable in your own skin and you are confident in your abilities. If you’ve confronted and dealt with your past and anything or anyone you needed to deal with to get peace of mind and you accepted it, you should understand that this is apart of your truth and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Walking in your truth is knowing you may have had or have some issues in your life to sort out and knowing that you are not perfect and that’s o.k because you are taking the steps to be a better person but it’s also knowing that you love the person you are and have grown into and you will not change who you are just to make others comfortable.

Walking in your truth is all about accepting yourself and your life, past, present and future, it’s accepting your flaws and all and not allowing anyone to change that or steal your true self from you. It’s being able to acknowledge what you want out of life and if you need to make changes, you do so for only yourself.