Book Of The Month: Around The Way Girl~ Taraji P. Henson

20180901_093513The first on the book of the month list for the month of September is AROUND THE WAY GIRL by TARAJI P. HENSON 

I love Taraji she is one of my favorite actresses and I’ve waited so long to read this book and finally I have a copy and so far I am not disappointed. Most of you know Taraji the actress from her hit show EMPIRE were she plays the character Cookie Lyon but she has had an amazing career and has worked and performed in some of the top t.v shows and of course movies of our generation, with a long list of awards and honors in her name.



20180901_093556Taraji’s journey wasn’t an easy one, before the fame she dealt with so much including growing up in an unstable home, abuse, losing the father of her only child and raising her son pretty much alone, moving to Los Angeles with a dream and no money all before the age of 24. She dealt with being told no and being told she was too old to start acting at the age of 25 and to give up. Her book tells her story, her journey and setback, her wins, her failures and her ultimately her successes all before the age of 48. 


I hope to learn a thing or two or three or ten from Taraji’s story, and I recommend this book to you all as well. I will come back with my final thoughts at the end of the month.