Andrea Motivates Book Of The Month

I can’t believe that it is already September of 2018, it seem like yesterday we were celebrating the new year and then just like that we are coming to the end of summer and approaching Fall/Winter, wow. With that being said I really want to start sharing some of the books I’ve read that has helped me or inspired me and also share the books that I will be reading in the up coming Fall/Winter months ahead.

I believe that we should use as many things as necessary to help to keep us motivated, on track and to help in assisting us on our next level of success. One of the tools that I know that can keep us on track and on task is books, books can be helpful in informing us on things we didn’t know, remind us on things we do know, they can motivate and inspire us by reading someone else’s story or more us up with help with the career moves we may want to take. All and all reading is great and a good habit to have to advance in all different kinds of ways.

Andrea Motivates book of the month will be suggested recommended books that may help on your journey, This is NOT a book club, you do not have to go get any book I list or talk/write about, but if you choose to get any book I talk/write about please share with me/us how you liked/didn’t like the book, did it help you with anything in your life, and what did you learn from reading it. Let’s get started reading some good, positive and informative books.

Check my next post for September’s Book Of The Month. You can find Andrea Motivates Book Of The Month either on the side of my blog or here in the Drea’s World category of the menu at the top of the blog.