Change Can Feel Scary, But You Will Be O.k

Everything and everyone changes, it's apart of growth and life. Whether we want to change or not we all change. We especially change in our physical and mental over the years as we continue to grow older, we even make changes spiritually. These changes can be positive ones or negative ones, the fact is with … Continue reading Change Can Feel Scary, But You Will Be O.k

Motivation Monday: Dr. Eric Thomas (Video)   For more information on Dr. Eric Thomas click the link below ↓ →→Eric Thomas Inspires←←

Check Out The Podcast Show

  Hey everyone I just want to take the time to informed you about my podcast show. Andrea Motivates the podcast show is an extension of my blog plus a little bit more. I talk about a variety topics to help encourage and motivate. I wanted to do a podcast show because some days I … Continue reading Check Out The Podcast Show