Self Love Saturday: To Know Better Is To Do Better

to know better, is to do better (1)

You can’t keep living your life in the circle of self doubt and fear, you will never accomplish anything living this way, trust me I know the feelings as well. Living this way is for sure affecting the love that you should be giving to yourself so that you can be strong even when things get rough. with self love you would be able to go about your days and nights making sure everything is lining up for your good and for your purpose without any doubts or confusions of what’s best for you. You would know how to handle pressure from the outside world and the feedback of others. You would also know that everyone has an opinion but the only opinions that matters pertaining to your life is yours and God (or your higher power) because that’s were the control is. You are a co-creator to what God has planned for you, no one else has your life or is living it for you because it is designed for you.

Life is what you make of it and if you want he changes of good, peace, positivity, love and success, then you have to commit to feeling and giving yourself all the things your life needs to obtain the changes you want and deserve but you first have to want and know you deserve it and having self love is the first start. You can’t give or help anyone else if you are not together yourself. Sometimes we tend to make this mistake often by sacrificing what we need for ourselves to give it to others, even when they don’t deserve it and then when we don’t feel or receive the same from others we get mad at that person, but in reality we should be upset with ourselves because we expect too much from others to be how we may be.

Freedom comes by knowing and practicing the truth and that includes knowing the truth about who you are and learning each day to love yourself a little bit more. And when you know better and want better you must push through to do better.