How To: Build Self Confidence

Today’s post comes from a page (literally) out of my book Let It Go: Releasing Negativity To Gain Inner Peace, Positivity and Success. To read more on this topic pick up your copy today.

Confidence is one of those things many of us may fight with on different occasions, depending on what situations we maybe involved in/with. When you’re starting over and you are learning how to let go of the things that has been holding you back, confidence can be a scary thing and Self Confidence meaning having confidence within yourself and your abilities is something fresh and new to you. It’s something that you’ll have to pull out from deep within day by day. 

Self love is the beginning stage of confidence because in order for you to be confident, you have to know and love who you are first. You have to feel some sense of happiness within yourself flaws and all. When you have self love, you will understand in order to be and live as your true authentic self and have the confidence that it takes to believe in yourself, then you know you must always treat yourself with love at all cost and you have to be honest with yourself.



  • Grow and build yourself up daily, even if you start small. Speak positive words towards yourself to help encourage that loving spirit inside you to come to the surface. This will get you use to saying positive things about yourself
  • Get out of your comfort zone, start trying new things and talking to new people. Even though this maybe the hardest thing to do when you have low confidence but you have to push yourself because it will push you to engage more with the things you want to be involved in and with, instead of wishing you were. You have to put yourself out there in the mix of things, the more you do this, the more you will feel good about yourself and this can develop into good things that can give you opportunities to better things in your life including jobs, relationships and much more
  • Take care of yourself, don’t put things off that is concerning your health (mental and physical). This shows you love yourself and you want to live for a long time (God willing). Being concerned about your well being is very major when showing love to yourself especially physically, because if you’re not taking good care of yourself it will show on the outside what you are feeling about yourself on the inside and this can affect many areas of your life including your confidence. Make sure you get your health is order
  • Meditate and/or pray about the changes you want for yourself. Meditation and prayer helps to refocus your mind to help you stay in tuned with your life and helps to eliminate the unwanted drama, self doubt, and negativity that maybe flooding your mind and life
  • Believe in yourself and your abilities, trust and know that the things you are doing are best for you. Learn to ignore anyone that may not believe in the things you see for yourself. It’s your life not theirs, as long as it’s making you feel proud and positive, who cares what others may say. There’s always going to be people that come around that’s not going to you and/or the things you do, SO WHAT! live the life you want to live that’s showing self love and showing the confidence in yourself to over look the negativity so that you can move into the visions you have for yourself