Drea’s Life Update


Hey everyone I hardly ever come on here and discuss my personal life but I feel I should let you guys in on what’s new going on with me personally.

Well for starters I made a major decision to make the move to another state from New York City and so far I’m happy with that decision. I realized the older I’m getting the more New York was becoming a bit much for me and the peace I need in my life. With the noise, the rude people and everything being extra expensive, I had to do something to keep my sanity because living in New York was making me a little nuts. I want to go to sleep to silence outside not loud music and sirens, I want to wake up to the sound of birds not construction going on, so for now though I’m adjusting to being in the south, I feel my decision was best for me and I can always go back and visit NYC whenever I want to (Don’t get it twisted I absolutely love my city).

With that being said, there are other changes I’m determined to make like focusing more on my physical and mental health. Physically I’m not comfortable with my weight because I’ve been lacking with exercising and my eating habits are very poor, so I will be making some major changes to get in shape. I’m getting older (41 soon) but I sure don’t want to feel like I’m old. Also my choice is to live my life as peaceful and stress free as possible, now I know that’s not realistic but I’m making necessary changes mentally on how to handle anything that may effect me negatively.

Everything that I write here on my blog are things that I’ve done, experienced or learned from someone that helped me, so I’m very effective at how I can remain calm in stressful situations, but nobody’s perfect and I have three young adult children and they’re always on my mind (any mom knows this level of concerns in general for their children) and as I always say I’m on the same journey as everyone else trying to live life, find inner peace and success, so I’m always looking forward to learning new ways to stay positive.

So for now that’s my small update, from time to time I’ll pop in on this section of my blog to let you guys know what’s going on in Drea’s World.