When you are making moves in your life to accomplish the things you need to for your life so that you can be successful, never feel as if you have to down play yourself and your accomplishments. It’s o.k to pat yourself on the back and feel proud.

When you sell yourself short you are telling yourself and others that you think less of yourself and in the things that you are doing or that what you are doing and who you are isn’t important, you must know your value and worth. If you are doing great on your path in life and you’re sharing with others, don’t say things like you’re doing o.k or good if in fact you are doing great because you don’t want to miss out on opportunities that can benefit you. Acknowledge your efforts, talents, goals, skills and accomplishments so that others can see how far you have came and see that you are about what you speak of and take actions on.

You shouldn’t do this in a cocky, conceited, selfish, (in other words) negative way, you can still feel great about yourself without rubbing it in people’s face. Be modest but confident in yourself,  skills, growth and accomplishments especially if you are progressing in your life. Be proud because you deserve what you work so hard on achieving.

Don’t sell yourself short or think less of yourself including the things that you are doing in your life to succeed, respect your personal growth and your abilities. If your mission in life is to be great then speak it, feel it, except it, and be it.