willsmithinsta1Will Smith is one of my favorite entertainers and the day Ellen made him an Instagram account, I immediately began to follow him because I knew Will was about to share some amazing stories, be silly and share some wisdom and that is exactly what he is doing. Will Smith has one of the best Instagram pages ever, he shares so much insight in his videos and pictures to help people get motivated and he encourages people to think and reevaluate their lives for the better and I’m always about self improvement for a positive life.

Check out the video below of some of Will Smith’s most powerful Insta stories combined in one video along with one interview he did where he shared some great advice about fear. Shout out to the YouTube channel MotivationHub By Motiversity from which I got the video from subscribe to their channel, thank you for sharing.

Links below to follow Will Smith’s Instagram page and YouTube page, if you are not following him I suggest that you should because you won’t be disappointed.

Will Smith Instagram

Will Smith YouTube Page