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Most people would say their family, their children, their jobs, their friendships, all of the obvious answers. I also noticed when asked that question most people fail to include themselves or their lives, until asked “do you value yourself, do you value your life” then there’s an answer of “oh yea of course”. Why is there a delay or is this just suppose to be known without saying? either way the question was What Do You Value? and myself and my life was the last thing on many people’s mind or somewhere after the fact.

I think for the most part, most of us really do value ourselves and our lives but I think what happens is we get caught up in everything else and everyone else around us that we sometimes don’t pay much attention to ourselves and we take for granted the life we are living. Everyday we wake up and think about the stuff we need to get done and usually that “stuff” has a lot to do with other people, not saying these other people are not important or what you need to do for other people isn’t important, I’m saying that most of the time we don’t think about ourselves to put ourselves first because we can get too focused on other things and people and we loose the value and balance we need for ourselves.

We can sometimes start to neglect our physical and mental health, our appearance, our happiness, our time and so much more in other to be there for other people and other situations that does not benefit us. But I can understand the reasoning behind this thought pattern of putting ourselves last, like making sure your children are cared for and safe, going to work to support yourself and your family and maybe even taking care of a sick relative are all understandable reasons why we can sometimes put ourselves last, because when we value something or people that means we love or have love for whatever it is that we find value in and we do our best to keep things and the people we care about up to a certain standard.

When the question is what do you value? I say value yourself first because if you are not taking care of yourself and making yourself happy by any means necessary then it is not possible to balance yourself when you need to take care of the other things that you value, it’s not a selfish act to value yourself first, it’s a must thing to do, it shows you love yourself and your life as well as the other things and people you value. Balance yourself, don’t put too much on yourself. When you are feeling like your value and worth is being decreased, learn to say no if necessary and look at yourself as valuable because that can also play a part into how others respect and treat you, don’t allow yourself to be token advantage of.

When you value yourself, your time, your energy. your job/career and the people in your life will all contribute to making you happy and helping you progress in life.