Your journey in this world and in this life time is to be the best version of yourself that you can be, but of course with that comes the things that can steer you off track in a negative way to convince you that your best version of yourself is whatever negative situations you may feel struck in. Well I’m here to tell you that your best self isn’t any negative situations, your best self starts with figuring out the road you want to take to fulfill the purpose you have for yourself and doing everything that it takes to push yourself closer to seeing and showing the best of you from the inside out. If you have been following my blog or my social media @andreamotivates, then you may already know that I am all about Self Love and knowing thy self to create positive changes in life. I stress the fact that once you know who you are, then it becomes easy to identify the things you want and/or need for yourself and life.

Everyday is a new start to change the things you need to change for the better so that you can put things in order to produce something different for your life. Every day is a new day to be grateful to get another chance to breathe life into your body to move and take the actions you may need to take to overcome and change anything that affected you in a negative way.  How are you spending your days? Are you using the moments in your days to accomplish the life you see for yourself? You have the power and choice to use your days as a clean slate to change your life. Stop dwelling on your past mistakes, learn how to use them to get better. Know that everyday you are blessed to wake up comes with a choice given to you to start over and get things right, it doesn’t matter what your past was, what matters is how are you going to pull yourself up, fix it and move on to something great for yourself and life.