Success & Wealth Building Series: Successful People #1- Chris Gardner

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I wanted to do this series on wealth building because as I said in my last post, this year should be more about actions and applying the things we have learned last year and make something out of it to gain success for ourselves. We all have sat back and watched people become successful or even famous because they didn’t give up on their dreams and goals, they worked hard and made something from the skills, talents and gifts that they have and now they are comfortable in their lives and they are  making moves to begin to see wealth or they are maintaining the wealth they already have.

Today’s blog post is the first post for Successful People which is part of the Success and Wealth Building series. Successful People will be about people that have built something for themselves and are maintaining their success and wealth, people that worked their way to the top and have no plans on stepping down. There are many successful and wealthy people out there, no matter what their line of work is, they are out there winning from their efforts to create and build something towards their future and YES, there’s enough room for everyone including you and I. I feel it’s important in this series about Success and Wealth Building to include people that has already put in the work and we can see the actions and the results, I think it’s a good way to get an idea of the ways they have made it to where they are in their lives, and we also can get an idea of how successful and wealthy people think and what motivates them to keep going.

The first video I will share (you can find this video on YouTube as well) is about one of those types of people. Chris Gardner, you may know a little about Chris Gardner from the movie Pursuit Of Happiness which stared Will Smith as Chris Gardner, Chris Gardner’s story is very inspirational and a real rags to riches story about overcoming all the obstacles that were in his way and determination to make it through it all to be successful and most important to to be a better man and father. I suggest you all learn about him and his story but in the mean time this video highlights some of his tips and motivation for others to succeed.


Throughout my series of blog post about Success and Wealth Building, I will include more examples, stories and tips from successful and wealth people. Take notes and enjoy the video. Leave a comment below if this motivated you to take actions in a positive way to better your life. Share this post if you feel this can help someone else.

(Credit to Evan Carmichael for the video he’s one of my favorite people on YouTube)