Today was a trying day for me (which is why this week Self Love Saturday was uploaded very late in the evening) and I decide that I have to take a step back and refocus on myself and stop trying to save or “rescue” people in my life that are not ready to receive positive change in their own lives and no matter who it is I have the power to remove anything from my life or space that is not lining up with what I want and expect for my life. As I was saying this to myself I opened up my Instagram and the first thing I came across was this short video of one of my favorite motivational speakers Lisa Nichols confirming everything that I was thinking and feeling at that same time and I knew I had to share this video not only on my social media but also for Self Love Saturday.

The video is short but very powerful, share with anyone you feel may need to hear it and comment below if this was confirmation for you as it was for me, to focus more of your time, space and energy on yourself and stop concerning yourself with people that are not focused on positive growth and changes.

You can not rescue anyone that doesn’t want to be saved and you can not rescue anyone until you first rescue yourself.