If you are reading this then that means you have made it into the year 2018 and I hope you  like myself are grateful to see another year and are ready to experience all the good that is to come for you. 

I took a little time out to reflect on what I wanted to bring to Andrea Motivates for this year, to change things up a bit but still keep you motivated, learning about yourself, growing in your truth, and succeeding on your journey. I always let you guys know that I’m on the same journey as most of you that are figuring out life in a positive and peaceful way so that we can gain an abundance of success in all areas of our lives. With that being said last year I focused mostly on self awareness such as self love, confidence, pushing through fears, removing toxins and letting go of all the negativity that is a hinder to you. I wrote about these topics and more because I feel it is important to take a look at and accept yourself first, so that it is possible for you to be able to accept the greatness you deserve for your life. This year I want to touch a little on how we can better take care ourselves financially and begin to build a future that is stable to pass down to our children and grandchildren.



Wealth building is one of those topics that very few people rarely talk about because they believe that it isn’t possible for them or that it’s just exclusive to one set of people, be it race or class, they just believe or were taught that working a 9-5 for 30+ years and retiring with close to nothing is as good as it will get and expecting more is impossible or asking for too much because at least they have a job and income, it is what it is. Now I’m not saying working a job or having a career is bad, in fact that’s a must if you have responsibilities and need to survive in our society, but what I’m saying is don’t limit your thinking about building your own wealth, wanting more for yourself on your own terms should always be about building and securing your future and this includes what you do for a living to bring in a income, because at the end of the day your income dictates where you will end up in the future, it has a lot to do with the type of life you want for yourself and family, from living situations, medical situations and ultimately after life expenses which means life insurance and not a bill left after you’ve passed on for your family to worry about.

Your job/career should be a temporary stepping stone towards building for your own family wealth, not for someone else’s dreams after all the work you put in. So this year I want to focus on ways we can be financially stable, comfortable, and secure, ways to begin to build wealth with topics such as understanding money, how to save, how to live within your means to save, cleaning up your credit, how to productively use a credit/debit card, managing a checking and savings account, life insurance, investing, and learning from successful people that are financially secure.

I feel talking about these things is another form of taking care of yourself and it’s setting a tone for the life you want. Money isn’t everything when living a happy life, but money is an addition to it. It’s for us to take care of the things that require it, such as taking care of your children, and yourself, paying for a place to call home, food and medical expenses, emergencies and all the other necessities that require money. The key to earning and having money is being responsible with it and those are the things we will discuss this year on Andrea Motivates.