I’m not one of those people that likes to broadcast every little detail of my life or one of those people that think they have their whole life figured out and I’m especially not one of those people that makes new year resolutions and say new year new me. Let me just explain why I personal can’t take some people when they say things like that seriously, and it’s because it’s one thing to have goals in place for the things you would like to do, I’m all for that but the problem with that has a name and it’s called “LIFE HAPPENS” meaning everything you may plan to happen may not happen the way you thought it would or it may not happen at all. Life happens to all of us and when you broadcast every little detail to your family, friends or on social media, you can create an opening for things to go wrong and it can allow people’s negative energy to pour into the things you said you wanted to do and when you don’t do something or don’t stick to something, then it can make you feel like not only did you let yourself down but everybody else as well that knew all your moves and business. Not everyone wants to see you shine bright. I believe in moving in silence because you are the only one that should be concerned about what you do or what you don’t do. 

2018 should be the year that you put everything you said you wanted to do into actions, hold yourself accountable for your own moves towards your goals. In my opinion, not everyone needs to know what you are doing and when you are doing it. Once you have accomplished what you have set out to accomplished and moved on to the next thing on your list, then you can share what you have already accomplished. When you move in silence with your goals, other people’s opinions can’t distract you and your decisions, you can allow maybe one or two people you trust to help when you may find things to be difficult but that should be it. The point of this post is before 2018 arrives you should already have the mind set and a feel of how you want things to go for the new year, but don’t be the person who’s talking so much about everything you’re going to do to everybody and their mama and then get upset when things don’t go as planned and everybody starts questioning you about your plans and your life. In 2018 be the person that will make big moves with big actions because that’s what will be your announcement to whomever, “your look at me” shinning moment should be YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS

We all can agree actions speak louder than words, so stop talking so much and make those actions move in silence and let your accomplishments speak for its self in 2018.