Why do you set goals for yourself to get ahead then turn around and talk yourself out of them or sabotage them in some way? A lot of us do this very thing to ourselves (rises hand, me too). Our intentions will be to see things through but for some reason or reasons we second guess what it is that we want or need to do.

I believe fear is a big part of why sometimes people self sabotage themselves, well at least one of the reasons why. What type of fear you ask? Well, fear either of success or fear of failure, but basically the lack of belief in yourself. When you are self sabotaging your ideas, your dreams and your goals, you are working off of the fears that you are allowing to stop you from being your greatest self, therefore sabotaging yourself with self doubt, confusion, excuses and other people’s opinions. 

I found that what has worked for me is to understand why sometimes I doubt myself or have some sort of fear towards what I want to get done, then I ask myself how would I feel if it doesn’t get accomplished because I for sure don’t want to have the feelings of I wish I would haves or I should have done that, so I cut out all of the excuses and other opinions that don’t matter, once I get through that I then remember why I want or need to do it and then just do it. Making a realistic goal list helps to keep me on track, it also helps me to stay accountable for the things that I see listed because they are the things that are important to me to get done or take care of and move forward in some way in my life or for me personally, so I try my best to cross everything off the list (because sometimes I can be a bit of a perfectionist, but that’s just me). Also I found that if I give myself a time frame to get things done that helps with procrastination.

The point that I am trying to make for this weeks Self Love Saturday is to acknowledge if you really do self sabotage yourself out of your own progressions in life, sometimes we don’t even realize that this is happening or that we are doing it to ourselves because we can be so convince with the fear, self doubt and excuses. Self love means do the things that will make you happy and successful at anything you put your mind to, even if at first you don’t succeed, you have to have the mindset to keep pushing without limiting yourself by sabotaging the greatness that is within you, which is in all of us. Don’t give up on yourself because that is self sabotage, give yourself a chance and see things through so that you can sit back see your growth or accomplishments and say to yourself I did it despite of everything that tried to stop me and sometimes this can even be yourself.

Remember to stay focused and know that you are enough, everybody has the same 24/7 so use yours wisely to get ahead because nothing should stop you from living your best life.