Andrea Motivates is all about embracing the journey of life, living as your true authentic self through inner peace and being successful in anything you put your mind to so that you can see positive changes for your personal growth. I also like to show examples of how to go about positive change and success stories from myself and others that have overcame great obstacles, so that my readers can see that things can get better and that they’re not alone on certain things when it comes to just living life. I created a page here on the blog which I named INSPIRATION to showcase hope and INSPIRATION SPOTLIGHT is something new to inspire others with success stories from people that has faced their fears, made positive changes, touched others lives or they have beat the odds and are living life to the fullest.

beatfacehoney1My first Inspiration Spotlight is makeup artist Tatiana “BEATFACE HONEY” Ward, if you love to watch makeup tutorials on YouTube like I do (I don’t even wear makeup often I just love the creativeness and art of what makeup can do), Beatface Honey name should ring a bell because in my opinion she is one of the top original YouTube beauty Guru’s. Along with a few others, she changed the game long time ago when YouTuber’s just set up their cameras and got straight to the point in sharing how they did what ever it was they were sharing, before YouTuber’s became all fancy with their production of their video’s. She has an interesting story and the video below is her sharing a little of her story on how she went from aspirating singer (even appeared on American Idol) to YouTube makeup guru, to a celebrity sort after makeup artist, her story is about overcoming let downs, change, determination, strength, and success, something that we all can relate to on this journey of life.

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