For a good part of my early years I made so many excuses as to why I couldn’t do something, and most times it was do to some stupid fear that I allowed to convince myself that it was o.k to not take my life serious and to not be responsible for my actions. I didn’t always do the things that I should and needed to do to move and progress in life. I can tell you right now today, I am still playing catch up with some of those same choices and excuses I made and trust me it’s not a fun game at my age. Back then I had a limited way of thinking and I didn’t focus on my future too much, I was very impatient and had the “I want it now mentality” and my excuses were cleaver and thought out (so I thought but only in my mind), but now when I look back at the things I use to do and say, they were the most dumbest poor excuses as to why I was were I was in my life, but now I understand and see that simply THERE WAS JUST NO EXCUSE.

One thing I will say is I always knew I had a purpose but back then I couldn’t figure out what that purpose was and how to go about pursuing that purpose, so instead of working on myself and digging deep to discover my purpose, I just shut down and allowed myself to believe that what I had and was going through was the end all be all, it was enough, my happiness didn’t matter and it couldn’t get no better or worst, my only concern was for my children and they were well taken care of, but as far as myself and my personal growth I just didn’t try hard enough. I continue to rely on those dumb excuses and that began to attract a whole lot of unwanted confusion, stress, negativity (including negative thinking towards myself), toxic people and lots of disappointments, and with all of that negativity came more dumb ass excuses SMH.


I put fear into trying, I put fear into believing in myself, I put fear into my purpose, I put fear into being successful, I put fear into living period. What I began to realize was that I put all this negativity and fear into the good things about myself and the good possibilities for my life, yet I had no problem giving and making crazy excuses for the negativity I had and telling myself that it was o.k to have these fears, when I should’ve been more fearful of making excuses because that indicated I wasn’t even trying. Enough was enough and I made the choice to stop making excuses and refocused my life and started to create what I wanted for myself and life, I took responsibility for my setbacks and choices and I haven’t looked back.


This post is to give encouragement to anyone that feels like giving up for whatever reasons, don’t give up on yourself. Don’t keep telling yourself lies and making excuse to not even try to progress in life. Yes things and situations can be hard but it’s not the end of the world nor your life, you can reset at any time and at any moment, just focus on the end results you want because it will all be worth it if you keep pushing yourself, but in order to see progress, change, success or anything you want for yourself, you have to take actions and if things don’t work out the way you expected that’s o.k too, at least you allowed yourself to try and you can proceed in a different way. Stop living in fear and refocus your life to believe in your abilities to be and create something great for yourself.

Don’t keep making excuses as to why you can’t do something or progress in life those choices are all in your control. Make another choice not an excuse if something doesn’t work out because, THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR NOT TRYING!!!