life-is-a-story-what-does-yours-say-quote-1Success doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone, but many may feel that being successful means that you have to have money and lots of it to enjoy life, this isn’t true. Though earning and having money gives you a sense of security to be able to afford the things that you may need and want in life and it’s an end result to accomplishing something like a job or having a talent, and that is great but it doesn’t necessary mean you are a success. Any success you have and experience should make you feel fulfilled and happy with whatever it is that you are feeling successful with. If you’re stuck at a dead end job or are unhappy with the things you are doing in life, then really you are only successful with wasting your time and life living a lie. If you really think about it, you can see how some people that have money or that are rich sometimes are very unhappy and miserable because the money is just something that takes care of physical and materialistic needs but they are lost when it comes to being compassionate, loving and some of them find it hard relate to other people, and when you think about people, and when you think about people that have very little or no money at all, they are the ones that are very grateful, humble and they are in certain ways hopeful, they can only be themselves. Success is making it, not giving up and making it through being able to be the person that you are meant to be and do the things you are meant to do to feel happiness in any form. Any person that has a success story to tell, will tell you that the road was not easy, yet they never give up because it was something that they had to do to feel accomplished, especially if it is something that they had to do to feel accomplished, especially if it is something that will give them an end result of happiness and fulfillment.

You can be a success at anything you put your mind to in accomplishing something and doing it well. You can be a successful parent in raising your children and keeping them on the right path, you can be a success at playing sports, you can be a success at becoming a business owner, you can also be successful at charity work and helping other people. Your success is based on whatever goal or goals you have set for yourself, it’s putting your all into something so that you can see and feel happiness at the end of whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. Sometimes if not most of the time, it will take hard work, sacrifice, determination and actions to experience success, the road will not be easy, comfortable and sometimes it can be lonely but when you are determined to do something and you are confident in your abilities you will experience the success that you are aiming for. You have the power in your own life to write your own story, not based on other people success, but your own, doing the things that you set for yourself. Your success story starts with a vision or visions, dream, goals, thoughts and/or ideas of something that you want or need to do and/or experience. It’s grooming it and working hard to fulfill it, it’s also staying true to your authentic self and believing and trusting in yourself to make it through to the end.

If you are at a point in your life where you can say you will let go of all the negativity and deal with all the hurt and pain including remove all the toxic people and situations from your life, you’re finding inner peace, you ‘re ready to accept your true authentic self, you’re working on self love and you are confident in yourself and in your abilities, then you are on your way to being successful, because the hardest thing to face when you are trying to change for the better and become a positive person is figuring out the truth about yourself, your life and making the decision for yourself to want more out of life because you deserve it. When you gain all the positive effects towards yourself and life then you should have no issues with gaining success in any other area of your life.


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