showyourtalentIt’s awesome to know that within us all is something that we are born with, I believe that we all have some kind of talent and/or gift that we are meant to do in this life. whatever the talent/gift is, I believe we are to figure it out and do something great with it.

Your talent and/or gift can be something that can help inspire others and at the same time it can also help to fulfill your purpose as well. I believe we are suppose to to master our abilities by investing in ourselves to help with our talents and/or gifts, so that we are able to help others. Your talents and/or gifts are things that you feel good about doing or giving, it’s something that you can’t go a day without thinking about or doing, something that makes you feel proud about but if you don’t allow anyone to know about your talent and/or gifts then you are allowing yourself to just exist in life not fulfilling theses talents and/or gifts because no knows or can see the special things God has given to you.

It is important to be mindful of the things that interest us and of the things that we love to do, because these things can be apart of our purpose in life and if it’s something that is satisfying and we would give everything to do it and we are good at it, then it just maybe your talent and/or gift and it should be shared with everyone. My talent is writing and I have a gift of giving solid advice because I have a compassionate heart and because of my experiences I’m good at uplifting people. I study my craft everyday and focus myself on things that will help me be successful with everything concerning my talent and gift so that I am able to share what I know and learned with others with this blog being one of the ways I share. The gift is being knowledgeable of my purpose and that is to help others and be a service to anyone that maybe difficulties and want a positive change, being able to use my talent of writing to help motivate and inspire others it fulfills and satisfy me, if i’m able to reach or help one person I am happy with that but at the same time continue moving forward. I’m able to keep going moving forward because I love what I do and my talent and gift in helping me as well to be a better person. I let people know about my talent and gifts shamelessly without any doubt or fear I do this through my blog, social media or anything else that interest me to be apart of to fulfill my purpose. I can’t help anyone if I don’t let it be known that I am here and that I have this amazing talent and gift that God put in me.

Your purpose maybe something different than mine or in a whole different direction the point is whatever your purpose, talent and or gifts are you should feel free to explore it, study it master it, and apply it because it’s something that within you that makes you special and the world is waiting for you to shamelessly share it.