I believe that we all have at some point in our lives have had that strange feeling of feeling like we are stuck, stuck in life, not knowing what to do, how to do it and feeling like we should give up. Many young adults feel this feeling because the transition into adulthood can be scary and confusing because being responsible for themselves and not soely relying on their parents can cause alot of shock to them because the world we live in is not very pretty and partying and hanging around isn’t cute anymore when you have to be responsible for bills, food, housing, etc. So they may become stuck trying to figure out what it is that they want to do with their lives. But what about feeling stuck after the age of 25, what about those that feel unaccomplished because of bad choices and situations, how can you get unstuck and back on track.

I first want to say that feeling stuck like any other emotion is temporary until YOU change it. If you are feeling stuck there are many ways that you can get yourself unstuck, if you really want it bad enough. The worse part about feeling stuck is believing you can’t get unstuck, that every thought is a thought that seems to push you futher in doubt and fear of never getting on track. I have learned over many hard lessons that at the end of the day, I have the choice to change this emotion or any other emotion that effects me in a negative way.

You may also feel stuck because you are trying to control things that are not controllable for you to control, you focus and put too much energy into this when you should be focus on the things that you can fix and control. I learned this lesson from my own daughter, my oldest child. She’s a bright, smart, compassionate and beautiful young lady in her mid twenties and I had (and still have to a certain degree) a need to be in full control of her life and decisons, not just hers but my other two children as well. But at the same time I preached to them about thinking smart, being independant and responsible, yet I found it hard to let go and allow them to figure it out for themselves by trusting in them to remember what I instilled in them. My daughter finally had enough because it became a negative towards her life and what she wanted and was trying to accomplish and mother or not she didn’t want to continue to be around anyone that was going to make her feel stuck in negativity because they didn’t want it bad enough to change certains things for the better within themselves and her decision even included me. So how can I be mad at that, especially because this is one of the things I taught her and her siblings.

I realized that in a strange way I was stuck in some of my ways of thinking and it felt comfortable to assume the worst and not trusting in the things I believe in, therefore keeping me stuck in negative thoughts about my children, when there was no reason to even think that way about them. I used this as one example of being stuck, it’s mentally being stuck in your thinking and not foucusing on the positive that is happening and can happen. The way I got myself out of this type of being stuck is I began to really focus on me and let go of the things that I can’t control especially other people lives including my children lives. I put that same energy into the things that I need to change and get done within my life in order to see positive results around me and in my life and through my children.

It’s sometimes real easy to get caught up with all the negativity that life throws at us and it’s easy to begin to feel stuck within those negative issues and things, but you have to understand no matter what is happening you have to make a choice, either your choice is to dwell in those emotions of negativity making yourself feel stuck like theres no way out or you can decide to get help and begin to live your life and find ways to get unstuck and back on track. I know it’s easier said than done but that is also a limited thought to even say because if you want something to take effect in your life you will do everything it takes to correct, change and grow from it.

Motivation is a very big step into “getting unstuck”, find ways to help motivate yourself into a positive mindset as well as positive actions. Change your surroundings or environment to reflect how you want to feel, for example; try to go places where you can feel peaceful and inspired, places where you can think more clearly and figure out your next steps. Take long walks, or if you can’t make it outside have a private area in your home just for you to sit in and think about your goals and/or meditate. If you can’t change your environment right now, make sure your space is filled with positive things to help you stay focus on the things you need to do so that you can begin to change your environment to something that is better for you. Engage with people that are doing things that are positive, they’re speaking good things and making moves to better themselves. Be inspired by them to change your situations.

Feeling stuck is just another step into the path of darkness and negativity, it’s your mind tricking you into believing that you are worthless and there’s no way out. Having self love is another way to combat feeling stuck because loving yourself means that even though things may appear difficult, you know that the steps you take to get yourself “unstuck” will be done in a way that will help you prosper not hinder you. It means you love yourself enough to change whatever it is that you need, to refocus even if that means starting over, even if that means removing yourself from things and people that don’t want the same positive outcomes as you do. Your goal is to come out on top and use the setbacks as lessons not dwell in it or give up. Love yourself more everyday and watch how things work in your favor.

Again feeling stuck is just another negative emotion to keep you down and to convince you to give up, and like any other emotion it can change, YOU CAN CHANGE IT, as long as you’re doing your best to change it into a positive to do and want better, YOU JUST HAVE TO WANT IT BAD ENOUGH!